DONNA DAVIS, CEO of D. W, Davis Consulting, LLC

Donna is a minister, author, motivational speaker and certified life coach. She is the CEO of D. W, Davis Consulting, LLC. where she helps to transform women's lives so they can live with confidence.

As a survivor of domestic violence and someone who grew up in poverty she knew that her life circumstances did not have to define her destiny.  In her book, "I Wish She Knew", she discusses some of the trauma she endured growing up and lessons learned that can transform your life.

Through individual or group life coaching, specialized programs, and motivational speaking, she empower women to deal with emotions that interfere with them living out their true purpose  as their authentic selves. She specializes in evicting negative emotions such as fear and unforgiveness because they don't pay rent.

Donna believes that if we deal with subjects that affect our ability to be our authentic selves, then there will be no limit to what we can accomplish. She approaches topics in a way that is not intimidating and inspires people to action each and every time she stands before them.

Donna has more than 25 years of experience developing and delivering presentations. She has presented to small and large groups as well as at numerous conferences including national conferences. 

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Empowerment Speaker


An engaging inspiring to action motivational speaker that has presented to groups of all sizes including presenting at international conferences. Changing lives one presentation at a time.


Individual and Group Life Coaching


An emotional transformation empowering Life Coach that guides you to a place that your true potential can be realized. Let me help you evict negative emotions because they don't pay rent.


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Ria, Founder of Craft Corner at Regional Conference Association


How do you begin to write a testimonial for someone who has made such a significant impact in your life? What words do you use? How do you capture the experience so that someone else would understand?

It’s a great “problem” to have! And it’s what I face as I try to convey what working with Coach Donna has done for me.

I was at a point in my life where I knew something had to change. I wasn’t unhappy exactly. But things were … off. I had made a major change in my life. One that was just for me and made me so happy! But, there was still … something. It’s hard to put into words. It was more of a feeling; knowing that I wasn’t my BEST self. I wasn’t living my BEST life. I needed help.

Coach Donna was exactly what I needed! There’s something about her approach that’s different from anything I’ve experienced before. During our meeting, Coach Donna would say something - make an observation - and I would have an understanding of my life that I’d never, and I mean NEVER, had before.

There’s so much more I can say about Coach Donna. But the thing you really need to know is this: If you’re ready for a TRANSFORMATION, call Coach Donna.


Rajiv, Head of Technology at North Carolina


Coach Donna Davis is NO JOKE! She kept it REAL. She could spot my BS and call me on it, even when I didn't realize I was giving it. She asked the tough questions and challenged me to dig past my surface-level excuses to get to the root of my behaviors and emotions I'd like to change. Her methods involved homework, and I did the work. Before sessions with Coach Donna, I would call myself a "hardcore introvert" Since working with Coach Donna, I have practiced having meaningful conversations with strangers and attended network events, whereas before, I would go out of my way to avoid people. I am letting go of being perfect and believing I am enough. I am celebrating my success whereas I used to brush some of my wins off as nonessential. Coach Donna is very insightful. She really cares and truly wants to help you be your best self. If anybody feels "stuck" in life, I highly recommend her services.


Diane Gillie

School Nutrition Association of South Carolina

I have observed Mrs. Donna Davis present in small and large settings and was amazed at the engagement of the audiences to her presentations. Mrs. Davis’ passion for the topics she presents on is evident in her enthusiasm, authenticity, and knowledge with which she presents. While at a School Nutrition Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mrs. Davis presented at a session of about 200 on a not so exciting work-related subject, but the audience was very responsive and waited in line afterward to ask further questions. I was proud to say she is “a homegirl from South Carolina”! Yes, she made us proud.

I have recently joined several “Donna Davis Presents” segments on Facebook and find that she is a motivational speaker that speaks from and to the heart. Her transparency is commendable and admired.


Conference Participant

SC Department of Social Services Director and Supervisor Conference, Columbia SC


"This portion of the training helped me to be more diligent in my services to clients"

School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference, Las Vegas, NV

"Donna was a wonderful speaker. She's very energetic & kept my attention the entire time."

"Amazing presentation, very funny and informative."

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