Ignoring barriers make them more powerful.


Acknowledging barriers will help you disarm them.


This journal will help women like you to begin to shift away from where you are to where you want to be.

Make self-awareness a deeper, more intimate daily practice with the "Acknowledging Intentional Shift Journal"!


I know you have been busy taking care of everyone else, fulfilling the needs of others, and putting yourself last...if you place yourself at all.


This journal will force you to make you a daily acknowledgment. This is not on a surface level like spa services and shopping (while all great things to do for ourselves), but this journal holds your hand while you acknowledge those issues creating barriers to your best, transformed life. 



One barrier to acknowledge at each writing session.



✓ Interactive emails to make your writings help you explore more in your writings. 





Invitation to Facebook group community that will have live teachings, educational materials, tools and resources to help you overcome the barriers keeping you from the life you're worthy of. 




Your actions define the future, however, your thoughts and emotions define your actions. It's up to you to change your thoughts, evict negative emotions, and change your life! 



Donna is a minister, author, motivational speaker and certified life coach. She is the CEO of D. W. Davis Consulting, LLC. where she helps to transform women's lives so they can live with confidence.

As a survivor of domestic violence and someone who grew up in poverty she knew that her life circumstances did not have to define her destiny.  In her book, "I Wish She Knew", she discusses some of the trauma she endured growing up and lessons learned that can transform your life.

Through individual or group life coaching, specialized programs, and motivational speaking, she empowers women to deal with emotions that interfere with them living out their true purpose  as their authentic selves. She specializes in evicting negative emotions such as fear and unforgiveness because they don't pay rent.

Donna believes that if we deal with subjects that affect our ability to be our authentic selves, then there will be no limit to what we can accomplish. She approaches topics in a way that is not intimidating and inspires people to action each and every time she stands before them.


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